@ajanionthespot question I've been meaning to ask: if I Wild Shape during combat, can I still draw cards and cast spells, or am I locked in to fighting as my wild shape until I unshape?

@DialMforMara Druids cannot cast while in wild shape until level 18. I thought there was a feat, but I must have been remembering an earlier edition and they've now moved it to being a class feature.

You could still draw cards, and play lands, and activate abilities, and anything else with your deck that doesn't require casting a spell.

@ajanionthespot @DialMforMara I'm not sure how much applies to your homebrew system, but a couple druid spell interactions in base 5e that might be worth noting:
You can maintain concentration on a spell that was cast prior to entering wild shape, such as Pass Without A Trace or Enhance Ability. Rules for maintaining concentration apply as normal.
Moon druids can expend a spell slot of level X as an action to heal Xd6 hp in wild shape form. Land druids similar with short rest.

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