The great irony of vedalken: they’re obsessed with perfecting things, including themselves, and yet vedalken on different planes look so different that there would never be a consensus

@DialMforMara I love the back-and-forth on whether they have hair or not (or maybe some of the Kaladeshi ones just like wigs?)

I like the idea of them being slightly amphibious, a distant genetic relative of merfolk and sapient salamanders

@orb_warded_kor_warlord @DialMforMara and if I ever get a Ravnica D&D campaign up and running, I have an idea for a vedalken that I really love:

F!SHFVKR, a former Simic engineer who is now living her best life as a Rakdos performer with all kinds of scales and fangs and bioluminescence

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