@ajanionthespot Along with the fake IDs, Ariel asked Seth whether the bookleggers have a device that will let her tap into the wires and hear Firiel better. I imagine fulfilling that request would take longer than getting a couple of library cards printed.

@DialMforMara "Well," Seth's feathers ruffled in a way that suggested he'd like to be scrunching up his nose but he can't because it's a beak, "there's two options fer that. Option one, is you could mebbe see if the Dr. can whip up a portable version of the telegraph-device she uses to print out the little fortune cookie strips-"

"Oh, I will certainly do that," interrupted Sturmkraw, without looking up from her draughting table, "House Arrest is dreadfully dull, you've NO idea!"

@DialMforMara "The OTHER OPTION," Seth continued, loud and insistent, "Is I could try to teach ya Wire Listening. S'what I was doing when- well, when I Sparked. Now, I never heard nothing from any gods when I did it, but then, I were listenin' fer SPELLS, not... deities."

"Then maybe the good doctor can convert a wire listener into something that does listen for gods. I imagine there's a lot of noise to get through--how often do people buy spells, anyway?"

@DialMforMara "As often as they got no other option, I imagine. Which is a lot more often than it used to be!" Seth says, completely unhelpfully.

Dr. Sturmkraw presents you with a small device: something like a large, clunky calculator made of wood and copper rivets, with a roll of paper visible under a pane of glass. Two coils of wire protrude from one end. She explains you climb a pole stab the sharp ends of the wires through the rubber insulation.

@DialMforMara "And do try to be discreet," she says, "I dunno how plausible flashin' the fake "telemancy technician" papers you got's gonna be."

@ajanionthespot ((can I have a card for the modified wire listener? Maybe something that draws cards?))

@DialMforMara Ok, two templating options, what works better:

" 1, T: Draw a card unless target spell's controller pays 1.
Booklegger’s Wire-Listener can’t target spells you control."


"1, T: Draw a card unless target spell's controller pays 1. Play this ability only in response to a spell an opponent controls."

@ajanionthespot I think the second is closer to current Magic templating

How do I know when I can use it in combat though?

@DialMforMara Well, in our game it's be spells that other players control, though they aren't "opponents." Presumably they'll always decline to pay the 1, because they want you to draw the card.

So maybe "a spell you don't control" works better for our purposes.

@ajanionthespot I like that. Then I can wiretap in response to @Jmaurer buffing the kitty. :D

@DialMforMara @Jmaurer I guess with this wording you could technically activate this in response to a different spell than the one it is targeting? I don't know WHY you would do that, but you could.

@ajanionthespot @Jmaurer I shared this on a Discord and somebody said they loved "Rhystic Study on a stick"

@DialMforMara @Jmaurer Well, I hope it's a little fairer than Rhystic Study, since you have to tap it. But I'm flattered!

@ajanionthespot @DialMforMara @Jmaurer My go at templating: "Choose target spell you don't control. Draw a card unless that spell's controller pays {1}." or, shorter but worse, "Draw a card unless target spell you don't control's controller pays {1}."

@lukesci @ajanionthespot @DialMforMara @Jmaurer the first half of that feels like proper templating to me. I don't think the CR has any notion of an action in response to a particular spell, you just get priority before it resolves and can activate abilities or cast spells then.

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