@ajanionthespot Ariel would like to ask Rosie about that article about Baeulla Strurkraw. Is that something we can do here, or should I wait till next week?

"Sulimo said some odd things before he took off, and it sounds like this person believes some of the same things."

((note: Ariel absolutely did not mean "took off" as a pun.))

@DialMforMara (Yeah, we can do mini little character moments here, if someone has one)

"For one, Seth says some odd things about as often as he draws breath," Rosie scoffs. "For another, believing some of the same things as Seth Gadsdang Sulimo isn't the most respectable calling card. For thirds, neither is being behind the telemancy." A tiny static discharge crawls up the copper wire reins she holds, and she flicks it disdainfully away. "So now you've been warned, what'ya wanna know?"

@ajanionthespot "I'm not really sure. I've got pieces of a puzzle here, things I've heard from you and Seth and Jake and Tigris and things I've seen for myself in the land and the storm clouds. Strurkraw may not be able to solve that puzzle for me, but she might have another piece.

"I suppose what I want to know is, if I wanted to find her in North Metropolis, hear her speak and decide for myself if what she believes is true, how would I do that and keep us safe?"

@DialMforMara "Well, they SAY that Sturmkraw's a top researcher for some kinda school up there. But if that were true, every booklegger in the country'd have somethin new and different from her. I'd say she's under some kinda house arrest: after all, the Metro don't actually want her comin up with anything new, do they? Last new thing she come up with put em on top, what if the next one puts someone else there?"

@DialMforMara "You want to talk to her, I'm betting you're gonna have to start with breaking her out or wherever or whoever's got her under their thumb." She meets your eyes for a moment. "So at least it'll be fun"


*grins* "If you think it'll be fun, you're welcome to come with us and help out. We're at least going to need help finding our way around and figuring out who we can ask questions."

Ariel frowns, realizing what she's just said. "I'm...not used to having to not trust people."

@DialMforMara Rose keeps her eyes on the night horizon. "...y'all said you were from Vancouver, huh? Must be be a nice place."

@DialMforMara "But if you're tellin me that any place was nice enough that nobody there was untrustworthy, then Sweet Pea, you can go ahead and add the part about how the streets are paved with gold and water tastes like wine."

@ajanionthespot "Yeah, we had our problems. But my family tried not to get involved in anyone else's problems unless somebody threatened us. We tended our own garden, and everyone else thought we were strange, and we thought they were strange in return."

*sigh* "My grandmother would say I brought this on myself. Even though she's the one who sent me out into the world."

@DialMforMara "Well, at least you got grandmothers out there, then. Was beginning to wonder." Rose adjusts her stance as the plains start rising into rolling hills and the track begins to climb. "You'll do alright, kid. You're tougher'n you look, I guess, and I guess this country could do with a few more folks stubborn enough to go around trusting and being trustworthy no matter who says it's for fools."

@ajanionthespot "Thanks. I hope I can do some good here." Ariel glances out the window (probably not much to see still). "Um...what's your grandmother like?"

@DialMforMara "Never knew her. Couldn't tell yah." She shrugs. "Ma and Pa say she'd be proud of me, last I saw em, but that's what they'd say even if shed've hated every second of what I do, you know."

@ajanionthespot "Yeah, maybe it makes your job easier not to have to worry about that. Speaking of which, what happens to us when we get where we're going? Bleeding Heart, was it?"

@DialMforMara "Not quite, I'm afraid. Taking you as far as a crossing with the Road to Bleeding Heart, but if I don't have Iron Horse here," you can't tell if the automaton draft horse tossed it's head in response to its name or not, "back in Aitkin by sunup there's gonna be all manner of unpleasantness. Tigris's from the woods up that way, though. He should get you pointed in the right direction."

@ajanionthespot "Oh, good. I'm glad somebody knows where we're going. It'll be nice to see where he's from too."

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