Here's an article I wrote for Card Kingdom about how to build your first Commander deck.

@DialMforMara good information and well written to introduce a layperson to the format. My only critique is that you start 3 sentences with "For example," it stands out for me due to the short article format making it feel as if it comes up more frequently.

@Jmaurer I mean, the point of the article was to provide examples, so...

Two different Card Kingdom editors thought it was fine, and I don't mind being a little repetitive in an article for beginners. Clarity is more important than cleverness. But it is absolutely something I will keep in mind for future articles at a higher level.

@DialMforMara I understand. Just stood out as jarring to me. And I don't feel it took away from the article in any way. It's a good article, I'm just a busybody know it all who doesn't mind my own business and I apologize if I came off as rude in my comment.

@DialMforMara Huh, I thought you could use coloured basics in a colourless deck, they just end up producing colourless (or is it generic?) mana instead. Coloured non-basics are a no-go, obviously.

I checked it with multiple judges. Now that Wastes exist, you have to use them :p

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