Went to the Women at Wizards meetup. Did some networking & pulled this bonkers Sealed pool

I made a :blue: :black: deck with a splash for Bolas. It was slow but very powerful, and I abandoned it after a few games to play Commander.

What do you think: is Bolas + Command a worthwhile Oathbreaker deck?

@DialMforMara I liked very much an old black control and a green agro back in the day. Don't know about nowadays stuff, though.

@DialMforMara It's certainly flavorful enough to make it probably worth a try.

Ok, Command the Dreadhorde or Enter the God-Eternals as the Signature?

@DialMforMara EtGE is more Bolas, CtD is more of a Liliana sort of style.

@DialMforMara I'd say no, but then I don't really like it just as a card, I wouldn't really feel like I have much to base a call on.

I mean, I've got a ideological distaste for anything Bolas-themed. So I'm hardly unbiased.

I also hate Bolas on principle, but the card isn't worth enough to sell, and the deck felt powerful so why not

I left the Citadel out because it wants me to play much faster than the rest of the deck does

@DialMforMara Sensible.

I'd say it'd be a better fit for a Sorin Imperious Bloodlord? Or something with a lot of blood artists, that's gaining you life that you can then turn into a resource.

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