Prerelease report:
1-1-1 and feeling proud of myself. Played Selesnya Wide splashing for [[Moldervine Reclamation]] . Highlight of the day was pacifying Yarok.

@DialMforMara Does that mean 3 rounds and all ended in a draw?

@DialMforMara there are so many numbers, and I'm confused ^^°

@Ice_In_Disguise I drew by running out of time just before the start of game 3 in the last round. And I was really frustrated with my pool because 3 of my rares were lands and the rest were in colors I didn't care about. But my deck came together well enough, and I do have an uncommon Chandra now for whenever I start making the Omnath Brawl Deck (I will need to buy an Omnath).

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