Official MtG Twitter announcement about the Corpse Knight misprint: "please treat it as a 2/2 and Shock it accordingly"

@DialMforMara the shop I’m at alerted us to that odd! Can’t recall anything like it happening since I started playing in 07.

@Ethancdavenport @DialMforMara That is also SUPER problematic as there are lots of players who won't get that memo, so people playing kitchen table and such won't know, and it would be SUPER easy to show up with it and get in trouble for that.

@Canageek @Ethancdavenport Prerelease judges are apparently being asked to announce it at the beginning of the event, along with the rules for the new mulligan

@DialMforMara @Ethancdavenport Yeah, but if you've built your deck with them, all of a sudden you might be scrambling to replace them with something better. They should at least bribe you with a free pack or something if you turn in a misprint.

@Canageek @DialMforMara a single point of toughness doesn’t seem like THAT big of a deal, frankly.

@Ethancdavenport @Canageek there are a lot more deal-2-damage spells than there are deal-3-damage spells. It's absolutely significant, even outside the context of M20 Limited.

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