Here’s a nice thing that happened yesterday that I haven’t talked about yet.

There was a “meet women and queerfolx who work at Wizards” meetup at MagicFest, and I was there at the right time. I had a lovely conversation with a guy named Daniel from the Franchise team, which is the most recent team I’ve applied for a job at (for reference, his nametag also said “gay, Korean, adopted).

I asked a lot of questions and apparently made a very good impression.

We exchanged business cards, and Daniel also gave me a card for Wizards recruiting, and said I should write to them and say “here’s all the things I do with Magic content and in the community, and I’d like to do them for Wizards.” I am gonna send that email first thing on Monday.

The one question I didn’t get answered is “what’s it like to be Jewish there?” Somebody mentioned someone I *could* talk to, but I didn’t have a chance to because the LRR draft was about to start.

The really nice thing about this interaction was that it didn’t end with the standard “you’re doing the right things; keep doing them.” I’m past the point where that’s helpful; I’m impatient for someone who can actually give me a job to notice I’m doing the right things.

Instead, it was “Keep doing what you’re doing, but also here’s one more extremely concrete and specific thing to do.” This is exactly what I needed to hear. Also, I feel like I have another friend on the inside now.

I should probably say at this point that I’m pretty sure I’d have to stop being a WUBRG admin if I got a job at Wizards; that would make me too corporate to run a Mastodon instance. I wouldn’t give up my account though, I love this place too much.

@DialMforMara i know Mark Rosewater is Jewish. He loves answering questions on tumblr, maybe drop one in his box?

Thank you for the suggestion, but Mark Rosewater is the lead designer, so I don't think he could give me an answer that would be useful to me.

I do want to know whether and how he's tried to sneak a Jewish faction into Magic. I have some ideas for him.

@DialMforMara that’s fair. I hope this works out for you—I’ve considered applying to work there as a writer but I don’t think I would do well. Good luck!

@DialMforMara I look forward to seeing you step down as admin for the right reasons then!

That's the most complicated compliment I've ever received. It's like the opposite of a Yiddish curse. I will take it in the spirit it was intended in.

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