@DialMforMara Well, I gave LRR my six favorite translated cards, printed at oversized commander size. And then I met Kaburi, who I follow on Twitter. And I got a picture with Serge.

@ajanionthespot Sounds like an awesome day. I’m about to head down there again for the Draft With LRR.

@DialMforMara Also got to talk to Beej and Adam. And I'm pretty sure I walked past Profession-Cheat-On-His-Wife-Man, looking upset that nobody wanted to talk to him.

And then I played commander with @SliverQueen.

Gonna head back down this afternoon!

Are you going to try to get in on the draft? @SliverQueen and I have plans to get there early.

@DialMforMara @SliverQueen No thanks, I don't tend to enjoy anything but super casual games, that's a little too much pressure for me. But I'll be around after.

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