Currently dreaming about building a Commander deck focused solely on Maze's End as a win condition.

@DialMforMara None currently in mind. I'm not familiar with wubrg commanders, or what strategies would be best to accomplish my main goal. Self-mill pulling from yard? Tutoring? Don't know. I'm not actually aware of how doable it is vs how jank that much focus would be.


@mycroft fair. I mostly suggested Niv-Mizzet for flavor reasons.

@DialMforMara @mycroft I'm very close to building that deck myself, actually, and hadn't considered new Niv. That's brilliant.

@SliverQueen @DialMforMara His ability would be super spectacular if lands were considered colored, rather than only Commander-style color identity.

But I guess as far as wubrg commanders go, having a 6/6 flyer that can draw a bunch once (or if you play with flicker) ain't bad.

@mycroft @DialMforMara Yeah, I got far enough in building the list that about half of your spells are taken up with land tutors, and then if you fill the rest with hybrid mana value, Niv should pretty consistently draw you three or more cards.

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