Meme deck time!

4x [[Charmed Stray]]
4x Mirror Image
4x Sparring Construct
4x Voltaic Servant

4x Quasiduplicate
2x Helm of the Host
2x Saheeli, Sublime Artificer
4x Triumph of Gerrard
4x Pride of Conquerors
4x Conclave Tribunal

+ lands

@DialMforMara Standard? Otherwise [[Growing Ranks]] would be fun.

@Ice_In_Disguise I wanted to stay in two colors. Is it worth splashing? & if so, what do I cut?

@DialMforMara Triumph of Gerrard feels the most out of place. It's worth splashing since you only need 11 or 12 sources, and if we're not constrained by card availability(or budget etc) that's easy.

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