What are people’s thoughts about Cockatrice and similar software as a medium for playing Magic? I’d like to strike a balance between Arena and paper play-by-post, but I don’t know that making people download a thing to do that is a good idea.

@DialMforMara I used to play Apprentice way back in the day... I recently joined a discord that uses to play over video, haven't had a chance to try it out but I'm interested.

The one advantage I see to using something with software is mostly card identification. Watching videos of people playing over camera I often have to pause to google stuff since I'm not familiar with many cards I don't own.

@DialMforMara I know a sizable contingent of people on the Canadian Highlander discord use something called XMage. I've never used it myself, but maybe that is an alternative?

@DialMforMara Me and some of my IRL friends use Xmage, and whilst it's buggy and kinda slow at times, it pretty much works? It means we can play Magic without having to arrange a time to meet up and stuff, so it's better for "hey I've got half an hour let's play a game" type play. It also means I can play drafts as regularly as I want to, basically, which is super fun.

However it takes aaaaaaaaaages to download all the images and symbols lmao

@DialMforMara I know a group of people that use Cockatrice for playing commander remotely. Mostly as a way of practicing or testing new cards for paper decks they have.

@DialMforMara I used to use Cockatrice extensively a few years back, and some last summer/autumn, and find it to be a good medium if you know the rules, because you have to take care of everything yourself basically. That was never a problem for me since I'm fairly fluent in those, but it isn't something I'd recommend to newbies.

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