hey @ajanionthespot here’s who I think all those planeswalkers are (long post) 

hey @ajanionthespot here’s who I think all those planeswalkers are (long post) 

@ajanionthespot some observations

1. Why Emrakul? And if not, who is it?
2. The one I thought was Elspeth is probably Mu Yanling, which makes me a little sad that Elspeth won’t be there
3. Why Dack? Is he a fan favorite? Maybe to color balance? (And yes, that’s definitely Dack, the background looks like Fiora, & Sorin would surely stop to wash the blood off his hands first.)
4. How are they going to make a Bolas that’s low-powered enough?
5. I need to submit a correction to one of my articles

@DialMforMara It's also possible that is actually Serra, doing some kind of Reincarnation Nonsense, because that's about as plausible as anything at this point!


I hate that we're at a point where "so much is going on that anything is possible." It makes the puzzles harder.

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