Here's my current Pauper Standard decklist. Any thoughts?

4x Barging Sergeant
4x Blade Instructor
4x Hammer Dropper
4x Skyknight Legionnaire
4x Torch Courier
4x Vernadi Shieldmate

2x Charge
4x Cosmotronic Wave
4x Luminous Bonds
2x Trumpet Blast

3x Boros Guildgate
3x Stone Quarry
9x Mountain
9x Plains

Take Vengeance
Expose to Daylight

@DialMforMara Cut Trumpet Blast and 1 or 2 Luminous Bonds for some more 2-drops I think. Maybe a Cosmotronic Wave as well.

Hawk beats Courier because not only evasion, but also lifelink and from playing the format on Arena I found that a lot of people go aggro. There is close to no control(but I could send you a pic of a control deck I went 5-0 with on arena).

@DialMforMara Decent, not sure how it stacks up compared to Shieldmate. I think most opt to run the Goblin though.

@Ice_In_Disguise ok, now I've got

4 Healer's Hawk
4 Vernadi Shieldmate
4 Ornery Goblin
4 Skyknight Legionnaire
4 Blade Instructor
4 Hammer Dropper
4 Barging Sergeant
2 Charge
4 Shock
2 Luminous Bonds

@DialMforMara Cosmotronic Wave is probably good in main, due to the blow out of them not being able to block. That should win games on the spot, especially stalled boards. Personally not a fan of Bonds in an aggro deck, if they start getting big enough creatures, you are not in great shape anyway, and would rather be able to push your entire team trough with Wave.

@DialMforMara Need only draw one, and not all the time. Let it sit in your hand until it wins you the game, so any copy you draw beyond the first is a blank card.

@Ice_In_Disguise Putting the Hawks in for the Couriers and the Shocks for the C-Waves. (Keeping C-Wave in the sideboard though, because I really want to play it and I know someone's bringing Saprolings.)

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