@DialMforMara Battlebond was their best product last year. I am worried about a lot of what you discussed, but as long as they keep putting out paper products like that, I’ll be content.

If Gavin ends up leaving Wizards, I’ll start to worry. He’s one of the biggest proponents of casual game types left there.

@Tayatranscendent I hadn't thought about that. Not sure whether that makes me want to work at Wizards more or less.

@DialMforMara they’ve had a lot of turnover and reorg in the past year+ and many of the people that have left or changed roles have been some of my favorite creatives.

@Tayatranscendent yeah, Gavin and Kelly Diggs in particular were helping me try to get a job there

and then Kelly left

since then I've taken a card naming test and then heard nothing for about 6 months

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