so tonight LRR is doing a 4-player Chaos Winston Draft, and it's really confusing

it looks like the complicated way to make a mini-masters pool

@DialMforMara wait a four player winston draft?
like they're doing two of them or there's a silly tower of 180 random cards?

extremely h u h
i'm surprised they ended up with playable size decks at the end given how lopsided the card distribution can get in winston drafts

@catoutofbed They just went on break for deckbuilding, so we'll find out

but apparently the end of the draft is mostly "take whatever's got the most cards in the colors you want to play"

also one of the packs was Ultimate Masters and Adam got Nicol Bolas, so

ohhhhh jeeeeeezzzzzeeeee

i mean mostly cause that's like 30 cards/player if perfectly even lol

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