So I read today's Magic Story

Jace did not punish Azor enough for making Ravnica the way it is

@DialMforMara "I can literally force azor to provide any amount of repartitions, at least to the people of ixalan. I can make this right.

Or I could just make him go into exile without materially fixing any of the vast problems he created. That works too"

@Lanceleoghauni Of course, it's entirely possible that any attempt to force Azor to actually make reparations would make things worse

I still want to turn him over to the Gruul

@DialMforMara I maintain that the magic story would be better if ajani replaced Jace. Or one of the ladies but I don't know enough about them to be sure.

@Lanceleoghauni I want The Adventures of Tamiyo's Story Circle.

What's Narset been up to all this time?

@Lanceleoghauni Known Story Circle members:
Tamiyo's kids

All of these. Also probably undead Elspeth (good-aligned :black: :white: zombie knight planeswalker anybody?). And maybe my fanwalker who's an interplanar mailman.

@DialMforMara man I still need to figure out a name and a story for my poor WU leonin astrologian boy.

@Lanceleoghauni I haven't figured out what colors the mailman is yet. Probably WG or WUG because his magic is about sense of direction and knowing where things are.

I've also got a WU walker who left the Azorius to become a therapist

@DialMforMara mine weaves the light of stars into steel and glass. Currently suffering from all the PTSD from watching mirrodin literally die before his first 'walk

@ajanionthespot @Lanceleoghauni I'm confident she's a face. Art book suggests that Bolas convinced her to help him in exchange for him promising to do something nice for her family?

Also she's freeing the Orzhov ghost slaves, which sounds like a face thing to me

@DialMforMara @Lanceleoghauni

Plus there's the cover of the Weisman novel, where she's in a "we will now Do The Action Thing Together" pose alongside Gideon and Chandra.

@ajanionthespot @Lanceleoghauni Even in Conspiracy 2, we see her taking a contract from a horrible person and using it as an opportunity to do good, or at least inspire good. She convinces the captain of the guard to challenge Marchesa's rule.

@Lanceleoghauni @DialMforMara

Howabout... new Planeswalker Alliance, replacing the gatewatch, centered around Ajani, Tamiyo, and the story circle.

No oaths, no chain of command. And as Tamiyo puts it "it is only a Gathering."

@ajanionthespot @Lanceleoghauni yes please! A Magical Gathering.

Can we make Jodah an honorary member? He knows more about the nature of mana and magic than any planeswalker.

@DialMforMara @Lanceleoghauni

I mean, if Karn gets off his metal butt and finishes fixing the Weatherlight-D so it can planeshift, I'm sure he could hitch a ride.

@ajanionthespot @Lanceleoghauni Karn isn't fixing the Weatherlight. He's taking the Golgothian Sylex to blow up New Phyrexia. And I doubt he's coming back from that.

@DialMforMara @ajanionthespot Ugh. why do they kill off the mildly interesting planeswalkers but leave jace alive. Ajani's getting that "Setting him up for a Heroic Sacrifice" vibe too and I hate it.

@Lanceleoghauni @ajanionthespot they did finally make Jace interesting in Ixalan block. I want him to survive long enough to buy Vraska a cup of coffee.

Potential Spoilers 

Potential Spoilers 

Potential Spoilers 

Potential Spoilers 

Potential Spoilers 

Potential Spoilers 

Potential Spoilers 

@DialMforMara @Lanceleoghauni

I'm sure he thinks that's what he's doing, but Jhoira's gonna have some things to say about it.

And plus, getting the Sylex to the center of New Phyrexia is too perfect an opportunity to thematically re-do the Tempest block. They're mad if they don't bring back the new Weatherlight crew for this.

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