Afterlife with Divine Visitation

instead of 1/1 spirits you get 4/4 angels

@DialMforMara And Teysa doubles them and gives them all lifelink

This seems powerful.

@DialMforMara You get two elementals, but they only returns the one Phoenix

Even better, she copies both of Elenda's triggers - each death gets her +2/+2, then when she dies you get X+X vampires

Or, you know, Angels

... I'm gotta go hide now


@SliverQueen I'm looking forward to putting Elenda in this list

Does Kaya's Wrath work the way I want? (Can I wipe the board but order the triggers so Teysa doubles all the other death triggers?)

@DialMforMara @SliverQueen

I formally petition to name the deck "the rapture."

Cause suddenly everyone is just gone and there's too many angels.

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