Unpopular opinion: I am burned out on Guilds of Ravnica. The draft and Standard archetypes feel so much stricter than in any of the previous four sets that it's hard for me to build interesting decks.

When I thought LPS was gonna have a Standard night this season, I made budget dinosaurs. I miss Rivals of Ixalan; it felt so much freer. And Dominaria and M19 had ways into all ten color pairs.

I love the lore of Ravnica, but building decks for it just makes me tired

@DialMforMara Agreed. On arena before the rotation I was able to experiment with a janky three color Ajani's Pridemate/Slimefoot/Epicure of Blood and though I lost a little more than I won, I still won sometimes.
But after the rotation, I either net-deck or I go weeks without a single win.

I've taken apart my nice clever Multani deck because it's not nearly as good without Amonkhet.

Maybe 3-color constructed will get better next season. I'm certainly looking forward to more Jund.

But yeah, you have to have specific cards or you can't win. Looking at Swiftblade Vindicator, Vraska, Etrata, Niv-Mizzet...

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