Guilds of Ravnica nicknames episode of TapTapConcede is up, and there's at least one from @SliverQueen

@SliverQueen I suspect they'll be cutting back on viewer suggestions for the next set

@DialMforMara ... And I don't remember submitting the one they credited to me but okay?

@SliverQueen I've counted three or four credited to Sliver Queen as of halfway through the alphabet. Maybe you'll remember some of those?

@SliverQueen They've just credited one to me (Quasiduplicate) that doesn't sound like something I'd come up with. Maybe I did? I really don't know, since it's been so long since I sent it in

@DialMforMara I wonder if they got some of the names onto the wrong lines in the suggestion chaos.

@DialMforMara Yeah, they're crediting Elfcoil Engine to one person, which doesn't seem right

@SliverQueen if it does belong to one person, I think it's CubeApril, who made it the card's name on Scryfall before the English name was announced

also they seem to have missed the L in Fatal Plush

@DialMforMara I think they just got so many suggestions for Fatal Push that a variant got lost

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