A conversation on discord got me thinking that the answer to Tarjuk's questions about why use money is that "coins don't rot before you can spend them."

Except Ariel can't give that answer, because before she came to Onumbrica she had no real understanding of decay

How does that come about, then? @ajanionthespot @SliverQueen @Tayatranscendent @Jmaurer


New chapter of my Ravnica fic: Chandra and Esther figure out what Gideon being dead means for them, with Zofia and Nissa close at hand in case somebody breaks down

Last call for ! You've got until Saturday to message me if you want me to send you a random card for the holidays!

Alayna Danner Art Constructed: she hasn't done much art, but I've put together a :white: :blue: control deck that wins with [[Realm-Cloaked Giant]]

4 Diamond Mare
4 Diamond Knight
4 Riverwise Augur
4 Lonesome Unicorn
2 Prismite
2 Realm-Cloaked Giant

4 Blood-Forged Battleaxe
4 Jousting Lance
4 Archmage's Charm
4 Supreme Will

12 Island
12 Plains


update: yes, there are prints. Going on my gift list.

I think I've found my new favorite lands artist

I'm going to need to be talked out of buying the Eldraine Wonderland Secret Lair


does anyone know if I can buy prints?

Onumbrica Cards 

custom card ideas, sliver 

Happy anniversary!
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Fellow streamers and RPG enthusiasts, are any of you interested in doing a regular Roll20 D&D campaign on Fridays / Saturdays? Let me know.

Well, according to scryfall, the first three cards in Alpha are "Animate Wall," "Armageddon," and "Balance." Nobody on those is wearing a huge collar, though.

Art by: dan-mumford.com

"Now, you're probably wondering what I'm gonna need all this speed for, after all I do build up speed for 12 hours.

But to answer that, we need to talk about parallel universes."

This remains the best quote from any Mario related material.

#supermario64 #sm64


Don't play Might and Magic Heroes Era of Chaos. It is not HoMM, it's a gachapon auto battler exactly like 20,000 other shitty cash grab mobile games. It bares no resemblance to its license whatsoever and is banking purely on players who only liked HoMM 3 somehow not actually remembering what that game was like. I honestly don't even know who they expect to hook with this.


My AO3 username is marathemara and the stories are (in order)
The Guildpact's Clinic (multichapter, finished)
Coffee Date (oneshot, finished, during War of the Spark)
Gatherings (in progress)

If I play a card that gives me control of a creature with an artifact equipped to it, does the equipment stay equipped?

I would think it does, but the other player could re-equip it?


@Canageek Correct. The thing stays equipped, but you do not gain control of the equipment. The other player can re-equip it as a sorcery.

why was the one true king the one person who could pull the sword from the stone 

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