Saw a poker tournament on a restaurant TV and realized Ariel might have a bit of a panic if she saw Onumbricans gambling

That's how the Orzhov get you, after all

Today's Oathbreaker deck idea: Turn 3 [[Nissa, who Shakes the World]]; turn 4 [[Planewide Celebration]] to 4x proliferate into Nissa's ult, now you have 24 indestructible forests on the board.

Maybe Sanctity too, if I can use it to protect party members

I just realized Ariel should have [[Leyline of the Meek]] and [[Leyline of Vitality]]. Next level perhaps?

A whole COLLECTION of magic items for either your Roman or Post-Roman game or a modern game. Who wouldn't want to wear a Roman talisman of protection shaped like a penis?


Usually when you see temples in a game, they are very European inspired. Why not use these as inspiration for one of your world's religions instead?


Usually when you see a map in an RPG it is a very modern map. Which is good, as they let you describe things to the player. However, when showing things to players, you could bring in maps from other traditions here, to help them get a sense for the place and culture.


When running pre-history games the standard sabre toothed tigers and wool mammoths may feel a bit old hat. How about a BIRD THE SIZE OF A POLAR BEAR?

(Actually the third largest known bird, but the first one to live in Europe)


Ariel: “I’ve been underestimated all my life, but it’s never felt *good* before.”

I'm beyond thrilled that players are designing signature spells for their planeswalker characters in the D&D game. This is both exactly the kind of thing I hoped would happen, and also not something I expected at all.

also I have to figure out how to retemplate it so you can get cards whose color identities overlap

the phrase "color identity" isn't supposed to appear in rules text, but I want to keep it short and elegant enough that the flavor text can stay

Update: I've had a number of people question the colors this card is in, and a couple requests for it to be able to find planeswalkers as well as creatures.

It makes sense for Pride to be WUBRG, but that also limits the decks the card can be used in, and I want the card to be as mechanically about inclusivity as it is flavorfully about inclusivity

if it were colorless it'd have to cost like 8 and would probably be banned in Standard

I revised my "Esther and Zofia in War of the Spark" story to be more canon-compliant

Nothing big changed, it's all just details, but now I know more about what the guilds were doing

Civic Pride

[Art: Ral and Tomik kissing. Background is a street party featuring WUBRG-striped Pride flags and people of all Ravnican species and guilds. Maybe Tomik is wearing a flag as a cape.]

Search your library for two target creatures that don't share a color, reveal them, and put them into your hand. Then shuffle your library.

"The guilds came together to fight Bolas. Why
go back to hating each other?"
--Tomik Vrona

@ajanionthespot didn't you have a ditch lotus card? You left us making progress on that mystery out of the recap, and iirc Tebasha might be able to use them

@ajanionthespot Wild Shape question: how are we counting "seen"? You've said "seen a picture in a book" is sufficient for a maaka form, but (now that I've leveled up enough to have swimming forms) can I become a River Boa (with Constrictor Snake stats) because I saw Venqwyn summon one?

(and I assume I can't wildshape into people or constructs)

Also should I apply my ability score increase to my spellcasting stat (Wis) or a stat I'm low in but using a lot (Cha)? (I do notice I'm rolling Wis a lot more often, but I figure coyote time will end at some point and you'll make me roll Deception every time I say "Vancouver's a big place.")

Apologies if this sounds untrusting, but decades of D&D lore have taught me to be wary of even kind DMs. (Welcome to the trauma party?)

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