Prerelease status: got both Elspeth and Calix in my deck and somehow that's not enough

@DialMforMara that's what happens when you have two common fixer artifacts, plus a mana dork and a couple land tutors in green. Also a sealed pool is going to have a hard time getting enough playables in any one color.

WotC: Here's a set that aggressively encourages monocolored decks!

Prerelease: *full of 3-color decks*

somebody on Twitter asked what cards at each rarity people are most excited to open at the prerelease

and I realized I'm going to be happy with basically any of the green rares

Had a silly idea for a Minecraft-themed Magic set.

Creeper 4GB
Creature—Boar Horror
Sacrifice Creeper: Destroy target non-Equipment permanent

Dear polyam friends: Would any of you be willing to read over a short tabletop blog post of mine and let me know if I am hitting on any problematic issues? I'm new to the community and while I've gotten some good responses to my #SexPositiveDnD setting ideas, I want to check things over first, you know? It won't take long, its only about two pages in total with lots of whitespace.

I cast Ickyo...
"It's okay, take your time"

Loading Ready Run Pre-Prerelease for Theros Beyond Death is up on youtube! 7h47m

"Brought to you by Wizards of the Coast—Broadcast January 10th, 2020 with special guests: Nadine Grendelmeier (NissaCosplay), Crim Nguyen (TheAsianAvenger), Eilidh Lonie (coL_AliasV), and Melissa DeTora (MelissaDeTora)."

Theros Beyond Death chapter 1
CW for Elspeth's traumatic experiences with Phyrexians and gods

Hey all: I'm currently streaming Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and Lost Ocean at for a casual time on a Saturday night. If you are looking for something to do now that Untitiled Goose Game is done on AGDQ, why don't you drop by.

#Streaming #Gameing #RPG #BatenKaitos #GCN

Hey all: I'm currently streaming Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and Lost Ocean at for a casual time on a Saturday night. I would *love it* if you would drop in.

#Streaming #Gameing #RPG #BatenKaitos #GCN

Oracle changes! Including, most excitingly, that Earl of Squirrel is now a Noble and Ridgescale Tusker is finally a Pangolin.

Phyrexians, funny 

Phyrexians, funny 

Up late tonight working on Theros Beyond Death "Official" Story, because if they can't be bothered to treat their setting and characters well, somebody's gotta.

Hoping to have chapter 1 on AO3 tomorrow, and I've got a nice detailed outline that hits all the beats in the summary to get through the rest of it.

Anyone got thoughts about how Calix talks?

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