Updates from the SDCC Magic panel:

-Throne of Eldraine will be a Camelot meets Brothers Grimm fairytale set
-There will be three planeswalkers, including Rowan Kenrith in a lovely red riding hood
-Seb McKinnon did this amazing piece of art twitter.com/SebMcKinnon/status

-additional types of booster pack that cost more for a higher chance of collector-value cards (not sure how I feel about this)
-Borderless planeswalkers in regular boosters
-Brawl is finally coming to Arena (super excited!)

was going to go for chair tribal but not enough chairs, so if it sits, it fits

Kjeldoran Skyknight fits



fall set is called "Throne of Eldraine", and might have a fairy tale theme?!
There's an invitation card showing fairies, and they have weapons of reporposed human-sized stuff like buttons, needles, and keys!

Will Ariel find Onumbrica's world soul? Will Tebasha get a decently close look at the train-pulling automata? Will Tarjuk ever get used to the idea of currency? What happens when Jake Leg gets a drink? And can they trust Seth Sulimo?

Tune in next time to find out!

Comparatively light D&D&MtG Recap:

The party was wakened in the middle of the night by distant thunder, and took shelter in an abandoned barn. The storm before it hit took the form of some kind of wolf-headed man, illuminated by lightning and possibly aware of their presence.

Both the Tarjuk the cleric/shaman and Ariel the druid tried their own ways to contact it, with no success.

update: I have stumbled backward into being the party diplomat. As limited as Ariel's experience of Ravnica is, she understands the logic of currency, vehicles, and Onumbrican social norms, and she's the least conspicuous member of the party.

She's gonna be real tired at the end of the day though; this is much more socializing and peacemaking than she's used to.

Card Kingdom has a Discord server now. Yet another social network that's become essential to my work life :P

First act as a member of the MtG Nexus writer's discord: successfully pitch a Brawl article

Second act: start a conversation about how explicit the community guidelines need to be, and get off topic listing examples of microaggression

I think I'm doing pretty well for myself

Periodic reminder (gentle subtoot?) 

I've updated our server suspend lists to block several more Gab instances and other unmoderated servers.

OK, by now I've seen a bunch of Ixalan cards in passing, and there are two things I really like:
- the bit where they used the AFAIK older meaning of 'siren' as bird people rather than mermaids
- they really ran with the 'dinosaurs had feathers!' thing

*captain planet music*

:white: White!
:blue: Blue!
:black: Black!
:red: Red!
:green: Green!

:tap: By your powers combined, I am The Color Pie!


So someone's selling an official visual history of the Gatewatch for 14 quid

which is nice and all, but they're advertising it as "the story of the first planeswalker team"

and all that says to me is that Wizards thinks everyone's forgotten about Urza's Titans

@ajanionthespot Editing my article. What is the CON save DC against a creature with deathtouch?


Marshall explains what each of the colors does, and some of the Core 2020 archetypes. This is the kind of thing I want to write.

I like the new templating on emblems, but it makes it hard to sort them with the old ones

Some Uspol news that might make you smile 

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