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I propose that the official capitalization for the name of our instance is the same as for xkcd: All caps at the beginning of the sentence ("WUBRG is a Mastodon instance"), all lower case everywhere else ("On wubrg, we put new card reveals behind content warnings"), never title case. Any objections?

welcome to wubrg, @DrAceManliness ! What decks are you working on these days?

(I'm stuck on making cuts for my [[Lathiel]] dream deck, and if you have a rule of thumb for that I'm all ears.)

It's comforting that there's no amount of recursive translation one can do that will entirely erase the narrative "Urza was a douche."



The werewolves are returning to the streets. Nature is healing.

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Aww, we ran across a werewolf triad wedding

Ha! It was pointed out to me that the recently released [[Toggo, Goblin Weaponsmith]], the guy who makes rocks, is a direct callback to the Onslaught version of Shock.
Specifically, flavor text, "I love lightning! It's my best invention since the rock." --Toggo, goblin weaponsmith

This is the only known white giraffe remaining in the world and he's just been fitted with a tracker by the folks at the Ishaqbini conservancy in hopes he can be protected.

Such a looker. :flan_aww:

us pol positive 

No episode this week. Your goyfs were a bit exhausted after the battle last week. Thankfully, in the end the heroes prevailed. There’s a long way to go to clean up the mess, but enjoy the celebration for now. Stay strong.

how to do Commander Legends without giving WotC any money, part 2 

7. all players bring sleeved basic land, 20 of each should do
8. as part of drafting a "pack", cut out all the cards and draft the little pieces of paper
9. after deck construction, slip the bits of paper into sleeved basic land you're not using

drafting 12 real packs: $60
drafting this way: $6

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how to do Commander Legends without giving WotC any money 

1. go to and click Commander Legends
2. instead of picking, just click and drag all 20 images to a new folder on your desktop or elsewhere
3. repeat step 2 12 times
4. open the folder, highlight all the images, right click, print
5. uncheck fit to frame, choose wallet size (select print-to-pdf if you want to take them elsewhere)
6. repeat step 5 for each folder

my local UPS Store can print PDFs for US$0.16 per page

can anyone suggest any good dnd stat block generators? I used dingle games 3rd ed generator and it was amazing and im sturggoijg to find anything similar

A reminder to please, for the love of dog, add content warnings to USPol posts

and stop boosting USPol posts without CWs.

I think I speak for a lot of people when I say:

I'm not asking you to let me filter it out and ignore it. I'm asking you to give me a chance to breathe between updates.


It's been a minute, but it's time for the return of D&D&MtG!

We last left our heroes at a fancy dinner at Tamiyo's Story Circle, in search of Narset and answers about why Tarkir isn't the way Tarjuk left it.

And the arrival of Sarkhan Vol had just been announced.

Please give recommendations for trans gaming youtubers/streamers that I can put on in the background or watch when my brain doesn't wamna do anything. It can be you if you want this as an opportunity to plug yourself I don't mind algorithms just make it kinda hard to find gaming content that isn't a cishet white dude.

cw request 

As we get into the holiday and New Years resolution seasons, there will be tons of social pressures to adopt diet and exercise routines (which are 95% likely to fail in the long-term). I imagine this will get worse as people continue to joke about the “quarantine fifteen” or whatever. There were tons of anti-fat sentiments when quarantine first started, and I’ve been dreading New Years resolution season more than ever because I’m sure covid is going to make it even worse.

Please please please CW your exercising, dieting, and weight loss efforts posts. Even if you think your post is neutral, it isn’t.


Everyone who has a body you dread looking like, and everyone recovering from eating disorders.

Commander Legends 

I feel like there's an economics dissertation in this.

It's not really that good. It's not consistent. It doesn't actually help most decks, and the decks it does help didn't need the help. I guess it's ok if you're trying to make Jeskai storm turn on?

But the people are losing their minds, because of how close it is to THE symbol of "unobtainable, expensive, powerful, valuable rare care."

It's the perfect illustration in how value is entirely a product of community consensus.

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