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I propose that the official capitalization for the name of our instance is the same as for xkcd: All caps at the beginning of the sentence ("WUBRG is a Mastodon instance"), all lower case everywhere else ("On wubrg, we put new card reveals behind content warnings"), never title case. Any objections?

Random Card of the Day 


This is a really cool-looking bamboo forest from the Jiang Yanggu / Mu Yanling duel decks, which were Standard-legal in China and nowhere else. (However, WotC did not make any public statement on what they think counts as “China.”)

The artist, Xin-Yu Liu, illustrated three other cards for the decks, and I hope they stay on as a regular artist:“Xin

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Breaking a little from the stated goal of the account and server, sorry, but it's important.

Single Payer Healthcare is in the Washington State Legislature. I need EVERYONE who follows me and lives in Washington State to contact your state legislator and ask them to support it.

Here's an easy link here to let you do just that, but phone calls and emails are also good:

Need something to do this weekend that doesn’t involve doomscrolling? OrcaCon is doing a free online mini con this year

So, it's already 7 days into January 2021 and I'm pretty sure that 2020++ is going to be how I'll be notating it.

This 9th-century Spanish guy: "KIDS THESE DAYS are all into ARABIC and BOOKS and LEARNING! They don't even know how to write in Latin!"




I don't care whether I actually play any of this set, these are beautiful and I want a playset of each of them

Kaldheim mechanic 

The blue god is Odin, and the back of the card is a raven.

If Odin is your commander, the raven apparently also does commander damage.

kaldheim (-) 

Wizards: Sympathetic nonbinary planeswalker!

Me: ooh, you've made me care again

Wizards: Awesome plane based on Norse mythology!

Me: YES PLEASE gimme that good squirrel content

Wizards: oh, and the Phyrexians are here

Me: never fucking mind, I should know better than to expect you to use a setting to its full potential

GoogleTranslatesMtG, MTGKHM, Cause Kaldhiem previews started up again. 

I agree: a new Non-Binary planeswalker AND the return of Magic Story that we can read by going to the Fiction Page IS a good reward for the Vorthos community.


The good news is I got to go out on an article that really meant something to me

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Card Kingdom isn’t renewing my freelance contract.

It’s sad, but not entirely unexpected; they’ve been less and less interested in my subject areas for a while now

I’m grateful to them, and especially the blog editor, for giving me an opportunity to build up my portfolio and get a job-job, and for letting me lean on them to stay sane in This Hell Year

and who knows, I might find the motivation to start blogging my decklist ideas

Update: I got some advice from Discord and have sent in a revision

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And yes, I know Ashiok doesn't use pronouns. My editor and I decided to prioritize clarity, since Ashiok was not available for comment (and would probably not have given us useful linguistic advice anyway).

Do I know anyone here who doesn't use pronouns and has thought deeply about the grammatical consequences?

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They didn't tweet any it, so I didn't see when it went up, but here's my article about trans and nonbinary Magic characters

Random Card of the Day 

Djinn of Infinite Deceits

I love this card’s art, and its repeatable control-swapping effect is great, especially with the anti-headache clauses of “you can’t do this in combat” and “you won’t need to track who has which commanders and who they’ve dealt commander damage to”

This would fit very well, thematically and mechanically, in an Inniaz deck...

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When you've been subscribed to FF14 for more than 150 days, as a loyalty gift they give you a version of Zidane's outfit from Final Fantasy 9 that fits any species or gender.

You know what this means.


My character, a bunny person who lives in a JRPG fantasy world, now canonically owns a pair of jeans.

Somebody is raffling off a massive Magic card collection to benefit the Southern Poverty Law Center and streamers of color. $10 to enter.

Caveats: you have to make an account, and the registration process wants your last name.

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