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New custom !
:damnation: for swearing
:cancel: for nope
:fatalplush: for aggressive hugs
:welcome: to say hello
:gideon: :jace: :liliana: :chandra: :nissa: to keep watch

@DialMforMara I can live with this.

Gideon is Mario, he's all about running and jumping and saying Wahoo. Jace is Luigi. He's skinny and he pokes around haunted houses.

So, Vraska is the female monarch of a realm where everyone farms mushrooms with various magical effects. To get to it, you have to go through giant sewer pipes.

…is Vraska Princess Peach?

The Desert Bus 2018 shirt is on sale now! The wonderful folks at have outdone themselves once again! Go get yours now! gogogo!! #DB2018

@ajanionthespot suggested I do the Oaths to stand in for the members of the Gatewatch. In the spirit of avoiding trademark attention, I'm making them all the same except for the color.

Thoughts? What details should I add to differentiate them? @SliverQueen

Hey @SliverQueen is it ok with you if I make a few emoji that are MS Paint versions of cards? Very recognizable & useful things like Damnation and Cancel. @ajanionthespot also suggested Oaths, though I'm not sure how I'll do the face shapes, and I want something for Jund too (or at least "jund 'em out"

I realized this morning that I want a custom emoji of Damnation that I can use instead of swearing.

Has anyone got other ideas for card emoji? Looking for cards with art simple and recognizable enough that I can imitate it in MS Paint at emoji size.

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So Wizards announced one last hurrah for the Masters sets, and it's obvious they missed yet another internal memory about making reprints affordable.

Extended art? Even higher MSRP? I'm never building Eldrazilander now.

Also, note for future me: Unstable is technically an artifacts deck, so Bumbling Pangolin is op

Serge's reaction to actually using Urza sums it up: "I paid five mana and screwed up my deck for a random effect?"

"But un-sets are about doing crazy things and seeing what happens!"

Fine, I'll pass you the Urza, and then you can lose repeatedly to your own mana screw while I have exactly the fun I intended to have with my goblin riggers deck.

Watching a game from the LRR Unstable pre-prerelease, and getting irrationally annoyed at the assertion that "if you open Urza, you play Urza."

Splashing for a five-color card in a two-color format will make you lose all your games and get frustrated. Nothing more. Frustration is the opposite of the point of Unstable--of Magic at all, really.

The card is just Mark Rosewater saying "this is why we don't make an Urza card for black border."

The first meeting of our particular Brawl Club was a success! I got to play my Goreclaw deck (smashing success) and my Etrata deck (defeated by another Etrata deck), and then @DialMforMara's Muldrotha deck (second to die in the star). Good fun and we'll have to do that again.

November 2nd's #NaGaDeMon update for the Pokemon drafting card game is about reflecting the various variances in video game Pokemon battling in physical card game form:

I just learned that Card Kingdom sells the guild pins by themselves

I think I'm gonna do that instead of starting yet another Commander deck

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