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I propose that the official capitalization for the name of our instance is the same as for xkcd: All caps at the beginning of the sentence ("WUBRG is a Mastodon instance"), all lower case everywhere else ("On wubrg, we put new card reveals behind content warnings"), never title case. Any objections?

Making a proxy of Genesis Wave, except I'm naming it Mega Drive Wave, and telling my playgroup it's a European print.

"No blocks." *puts on flannel button-down, changes pronoun pin to "he"* I cast Sex Appeal targeting myself. I'm a boy now, so I completely fog your Spark Fiend. Pass priority."

"On your end step I'm nonbinary again." *changes pronoun pin back*

of course, the fix for that is reminder text saying "The genders this spell counts are male, female, and nonbinary."

Most of the postmodern genders still count as nonbinary, so there's no guarantee I'd get the bonus. BUT I could do like the high five thing and go around the room asking people's pronouns.

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so I just stumbled across Sex Appeal, an early un-card with some unfortunate templating.

But its oracle text is wonderful:

"Prevent the next 3 damage that would be dealt this turn to any number of targets, divided as you choose. If there are more people in the room of a different gender than you are as you cast this spell, prevent the next 6 damage this way instead."

so I just have to make sure my gender flips to something obscure right before I cast the spell, right?

“I never give into rage. I wield it. To protect my friends, to right injustices, and to mourn for the Tarkir that was lost.”
Tarjuk, Temur Smoketeller



(Loading Ready Run Double Masters Pre-Pre-Release Video On Demand)

"Hey Cameron, do you want to-"

"Sorry, I can't, I have anxiety that day."

one of the most relatable parts of any LRR skit I've seen

“Mat’Selesnya speaks through every one of us. Elementals amplify her voice to those who refuse to listen.”
- Ariel, Who Embraces the World
Suggested by @DialMforMara

DeQuan joins Michelle of the Loregoyfs to talk about what makes MTG fun for him. Please be sure to check out his work, including the Color of Magic podcast, Twitch, and an awesome Youtube channel.

“The Phyrexians were always improving the rate their contagion and death spread. In her, they perfected the process.”
Tebasha of the Remembrance

How to Fix Magic
I agree with all of this. It also started a long conversation with @Canageek about how the shifts in block structure and Standard rotation schedule contributed to the mess we're in.

I think (and this writer appears to think) it's not enough of an extenuating circumstance.

@DialMforMara and I got talking about MtG and how I would make an RPG that used magic more like how it was in some of the early novels and how Jodah used it and now it seems I have to write a blog post. (Parts inspired by seeing how @ajanionthespot runs his D&D MtG game)

personal color identity 

I think part of why I align with Selesnya is that both of its colors have black as an enemy? It's as far as I can get from my own dark side.

too little too late: T3feri and Wilderness Reclamation are getting banned about a year after they should have been, to "freshen up the summer Standard season"

✨ Fat is beautiful. Fat is round and soft and cute and smooth.

💪 Fat is strong. Fat is lifting and carrying and muscles and weight.

🌱 Fat is natural. Your body wants to be this size.

Fat is not ugly. Not unhealthy. Not shameful.

Don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

My latest Card Kingdom article is about how to build a budget cube, featuring stories about my Ravnica peasant cube.

Anyone looking for Magic the Gathering-related writing work: the Card Kingdom blog is looking for new writers.

-pitches generously accepted
-editing smart but not harsh
-I feel like my work is appreciated
-my request to change the pronouns in my author bio was accepted without hesitation.

Downsides: this is a marketing job. Everything you publish comes with the subtext "we want readers to buy MtG products from Card Kingdom."

DM me if you're interested and I'll put you in touch.

@ajanionthespot the science is unclear. Thankfully, banning flash has slowed down the gestation period significantly though so we may be able to study more in the future.

@ajanionthespot this just came up in my desktop background rotation and it feels very Onumbrican

Fuck terfs, cover their art with trans stuff

Replacement art by sheepycutie on Twitter

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