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I propose that the official capitalization for the name of our instance is the same as for xkcd: All caps at the beginning of the sentence ("WUBRG is a Mastodon instance"), all lower case everywhere else ("On wubrg, we put new card reveals behind content warnings"), never title case. Any objections?

BLM/racism NPR interview 

I want to link amn NPR interview with Tyler Tynes that ended on a powerful sentiment.

"[Black people] do not need allies. They need accomplices."

games, boycotts, abuse adjacent, advice on enjoying games when upper management of the company has issues 

Small reminder that most game developers (like, the people) really strongly reccomend you don't boycott games or refuse to buy them or steal them to try and punish higher ups and execs, because it doesn't... work? You just get game devs laid off. No execs get hurt.

So like... feel free to enjoy and consume the media that looks good, and support the devs, whilst also being nice and loud about the shit upper management need to address, persistently, to push for more and more action. Simple.

It's been so long since I was excited about Magic story.
Nahiri has a full party, made up of the four new tribal legends, and Jace is clueless because he's trying to be ethical and not read people's minds. (Also he makes a friend named Mara who remembers him from the war.)
My new Card Kingdom article is out, and it's got advice for converting your favorite Brawl deck to Commander

We had our exciting preview earlier today. That doesn’t mean you don’t get our regularly scheduled episode. Join us for Memories of Zendikar part 1. The most burley man there regales us with stories of the past.

What's this? Another piece of great, story related removal?

We're proud to present our card, "Nahiri's Binding". Check out what shenanigans we can get up to in game and IRL here:…

Thank you to Wizards of the Coast for our free card!

For the person out in the void that needs to hear this today:
You are accepted.
You are valid.
You are loved.

I'll admit that "he flies, hits twice" isn't the WORST possible translation of "Flying, Double Strike." But it's all downhill from there, next thing you know you're attacking England.


Also don't think I didn't notice that the rock formation behind this guy is suspiciously Emrakul-shaped.

We had an entire two set block whose theme was "notice things in the art being subtly Emrakul-shaped," we've trained for this.

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RGWU! It's the new dance craze! It's tests your life ability, AND destroys all those who would dare oppose you!


Zendikar Rising, weird lands

I've found the next thing that'll break Standard: double-faced pseudobasic lands. You choose which one it is as you play it, and they don't even enter tapped.

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Zendikar Rising

There's a new Party mechanic, which I suspect is part of the leadup to the Forgotten Realms set

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Zendikar Rising, Twitter link

on the plus side, it appears to be Alayna Danner's time to shine

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Zendikar Rising, Twitter link

they're doing Expeditions again, because why not jack up resale prices

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Zendikar Rising, Twitter link

Nissa is going Golgari
weird flex, but ok
want one for my Windgrace deck

MtG future sets announcement 

And then we have two Innistrad sets which I'm really not excited for. Innistrad needs a goddamn break.

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MtG future sets announcement 

After Zendikar Rising we've got Kaldheim, which I think is Angrath's home plane. Should be neat, hope it's sufficiently Norse and not all about Mad Dad.

After that is Strixhaven, a Magic School Set. This is the one I'm most anxious about them screwing up. Please do something more interesting than "one Harry Potter house per mana color."

The core set equivalent is a Forgotten Realms crossover. Really want to see what they do with it.

Fictional police (+), social commentary

I got Ariel into one of my favorite webcomics! She gets a snarky aside about how we the readers live in a world where cops are only not-evil in fantasy novels.

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