BTW I'm I don't log in much right now, but my name is Canageek#65861 if anyone wants to add me.

@DialMforMara @ajanionthespot @Jmaurer

The two types of magic players I see online:

A) *Posts a picture of the power nine they just bought*

B) *Is proxying a $20 Pauper deck on cardstock*

We should get a custom favicon for this instance so that it is clear which one it is in the tabs at the top of the screen....

I need to start trying to run a weekly RPG group again. (The previous group faded out because it ended up just being too difficult logistically.)

Rant about game immersion from an old RPG nerd 

How to improve magic immersion:

1) Change the legendary rule to match the old planeswalker rule: You can have ONE Chandra in play at a time, no matter how many different cards you have of them.

2) Name spells to sound like SPELLS. I can see in my head what happens when I cast Lava Axe or Fireball. I can't see in my head what happens when I cast "Commence the Endgame" or "Heartwarming Redemption"

Rant about planeswalkers 

UG. I hate planeswalkers.

1) I have issues with them as cards. The *player* should be a planeswalker.

2) They are complicated in play and a pain to keep track of what an opponent can do

3) I can have two Chandras on the table at the same time. They USED to have a good rule about this, but noooo.

4) Unfun combo decks that rely on four planeswalkers preventing you from doing anything while they poke you to death suck.

5) So many things going on it lags Arena

@Canageek Pretend one of them is just a body double decoy the other Krenko hired to prevent assassinations. Pretend both of them are! That sneaky mob boss.

@Canageek @DialMforMara I think leonin would tend to get disqualified for casually bapping their opponent's permanents off the enge of the table

......There is a new Krenko out there.

But I don't want to put him in my deck as it doesn't make sense to have two of the same character in the deck outside of Time Spiral.



So, @DialMforMara kicked ass and took names at the prerelease (my interpretation of her results, but I've said it so it must be true now) ^^

Today's fun: Pretending that when @DialMforMara tells me she played against a deck centred around a certain planeswalker, that was the player not the card.

Did you hear she just had a game with Ajani? No wonder she lost: The dude was THERE, has extra insight into how the cards work. Also Leonin seem like they'd be really good at deck-building and strategy.

So, Vraska is the female monarch of a realm where everyone farms mushrooms with various magical effects. To get to it, you have to go through giant sewer pipes.

…is Vraska Princess Peach?

The three sexiest words you can say to a girl to show her you love her: 

Draw a card.

At least Leon Goldman says where to direct questions, that’s more than most of these can manage.

Hey @DialMforMara have I told you about my favourite combo? Turn 1 Satyr Hopolite
Turns 2 & 3: 2x Furor of the Bitten, Inferno Fist.

No one expect a turn 3 9/9 in Red. :D

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