What are people's thoughts on proxying cards that you just can't afford? Like something from the reserve list?

For kitchen-table level play only, of course, cause that's literally all I play anyway.

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(For context's sake, I'm talking about Serra's Sanctum for Bant Enchantress. I'm not going after a lotus or moxen or ABUR duals or Time Walk or something.)

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Ok, since proposing this question, I've been fiddling with designs. I wanted to have something that clearly was not the actual card, so nobody would feel 'fooled.'

And now a non-zero amount of my determination to do this is based on how good the art looks in an M15-era legendary frame:

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@ajanionthespot I just scribble things on 3/4 of a sticky note, hand torn, attached to a basic land not in my colors, maybe some crayons to indicate color, and sleeve it up

or print the card on a black and white laser printer, 9 per page, so they're obviously not real, similarly crayons and sleeved with a land

I feel the kind of friends who would argue about the micrometer thickness of the cards would've said no to proxies


@mycroft @ajanionthespot I agree that b&w, or otherwise obviously not real cards feel better to me than trying to get close to a real-looking card.

And yeah, power level/price. When one player brings proxied stuff like Jace, the Mind Sculptor to a game where the other people held back with proxies, that's kinda meh.

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