In my company, before every birthday, a kitty bank goes round and people donate for a present. My colleagues got the the Eldraine Bundle!
Also, I have weird luck with the Showcase cards. All three in the bundle were in the same booster. Also, all three rare showcase cards I have in total are the Murderous Rider

I gotta wonder if the person who named a character "Queen Marchesa" knew what they were doing and thought they were being funny, or, well, not.

Drat. I played black & white at the Prerelease and did NOT put Giant Killer in, because I keep forgetting the adventures @_@

...the cards from the collector boosters are different from the cards from the draft boosters. The ones from the collector booster feel rough to the touch. This is weird.

Liked that card so much I slipped while typing XD

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Eldrsine spoiler 

FROGIFY!!!!!! :D :D :D

y'know, I kinda hate how previews are handled. Spreading them out over twenty million websites is extremely inconvenient.
Thank the goodness of the people behind Scryfall and other sites that collect previews for making things not as difficult as Wizards would like.

Random card idea: Squirrel creature that makes seedling creature tokens that have level up that lets them grow into treefolk.

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oh, oh wow, this is such a cool utility site
interactive thingy that tells you all the names of the color combinations just by selecting the color

Thanks to Ravnica I've got my ten guilds down, I remember one out of five shards, always forget the wedges, and four colors rarely comes up, but this will tell me.

The store owner, who also took part, had a look through my deck and said it was pretty good.
He also said everything Magic would be getting more expensive because Wizards is raising prices... but that it would probably still be the least expensive trading card came around

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Draft was fun throughout the first three rounds, because there were a bunch of close games. I drew faaar too much lands in both games in the last round. Ohwell.
I'd opened an Empyreal eagle and thus picked 'white and blue fliers' deck

No, I will NOT buy a display of Modern Horizons this month! I'll save up for Throne of Eldraine, and, y'know, in general.
I will buy one of those 4000 cards boxes of mostly commons, because sorting cards is fun. :P

Compromise: I dropped by the game store to ask a question and get a packet of sleeves and a booster, but now I'm on my way home because it's too hot to think for me.

Throne of Eldraine will get a book, but published only digitally
Honestly, I'm fine with that, particularly since the price point is nice.

Bah. After staying home last week for RPG and catching up with chores, I wanted to go to FNM this week, and/or maybe the casual stuff on Saturday.
But Friday will be way too hot again (39°C/102F) (games shop has no AC), and Saturday while Saturday is supposed to cool off, but by way of thunderstorms, which isn't good weather to be out and about, either. @_@

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Gavin announces Wizards' new official Brawl support, and shows off two new cards in the Throne of Eldraine Brawl precons!

Bonus benefit if selling a few surplus cards now and then: Using some of my hoarded cardboard to protect the cards in the mail frees up space to hoard new cardboard!

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