Well. Now I wish I'd bought a playset of Nightpack Ambusher when it was a surprisingly cheap rare.

Decks I want to build:
- WG standard deck with [[Planar Cleansing]] and stuff that turns lands into creatures.
- Modern deck with Modular artifact creatures and maybe proliferate
- Any commander deck. I don't really know where to start @_@

OK, by now I've seen a bunch of Ixalan cards in passing, and there are two things I really like:
- the bit where they used the AFAIK older meaning of 'siren' as bird people rather than mermaids
- they really ran with the 'dinosaurs had feathers!' thing

I was today days old when I learned that that one plane in MTG is called "Dominaria" and not "Dominiaria". SOMEHOW I've been getting it wrong since the goshdarn Rath cycle...

*looks at still-soaring pricetag for Wrenn and Six* I thiiiink something went slightly wrong there.

*surprised blink* So the lifelink deck won against Red Deck Wins kind of things twice now.
Thought admittedly, I think the second time my opponent drew badly. They played Leyline of Combustion, but only one creature for me to target, and after they burned the battlefield clear of creatures, I was able to recover quickly thanks to Ajani and good draws, and they only got lands.

I changed my Lifelink deck on Arena to be mono-white instead of WB. Now I don't have to wait for the stupid taplands any more. And I spent some of my wildcards for Ajanis. It works sometimes!

The attack that brought them to 0 got me up to 100 life.

Just had the longest game so far on Arena. Me with WB lifelink, my opponent with WU lifegain.
He stole my Ajani, Inspiring Leader. I had a lot of lifelink creatures out, and that enchantment that lets you pay 2 to draw a card and make a Soldier with Lifelink for 4. By late-game, also that angel that gives your creatures indestructible if they attack. Which my opponent could put Lawmage's Binding on, but the triggered ability, well, triggered.
I was worried I'd lose due to empty library. XD

Not I have 2 M20 Prerelease Arena codes, which give you 6 M20 boosters. But only one is redeemable per account.
Anybody listening, playing arena, not been to a prerelease, and want the other one?

Last match I won the first, lost the second partly because after the first Mulligan I kept a hand with only mountains for mana, and took too long to get a plains.
Last one was pretty close. I used Chandra to get rid of a creature that had brought me down to 4 life, had her drained to death. Next round I played the big Angel. My opponent had no answer to that he could cast - missing one black mana for a big fat demon.
So yeah, fun was had!

Ended up 4th of 27. Whoot!
I forget the first match.
In the second I drew very badly, and what I could get out was hit with removal.
Match 3 was fun. Once I played the UC Chandra in turn 4, to use her mana to cast her mythic big sister turn 5. 2nd game, Chandra plus regulator. My opponent died from 6 emblems.
4th match, my opponent didn't draw enough land to play both times. We played two more games to pass the time, which included him turning things around by stealing my 7/7 lifelink Angel XD

My second prerelease. I ended up with Boros colours again. Because I pulled Ajani, Sephra, and the mythic Chandra. Plus the uncommon one, and my promo was Chandra's regulator.
And I have a bit more removal than yesterday. But far fewer fliers.

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Won first round, lost second and third round. 3 rounds only. Brain is cooked due to heat

Giant Gummy Bear {1}{B}{G}
Creature -- Bear Ooze
You can choose to not untap Giant Gummy Bear during your untap phase.
{T}: Tap target creature. It does not untap during its controller's untap phase as long as Giant Gummy Bear remains tapped.
flavor text: "I told you to keep it away from water!" -- Merdok Brandt, bear wrangler

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